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Former Telecom Employees Finally Get Favourable Ruling


The former employees asked to be compensated for litigation costs with Ethio telecom


The Eight Civil Bench of the Federal High Court has ruled in favour of Ethio telecom’s 95 former employees who have been in a court battle with the company’s labour union for four years.

The Court ruled that Ethio telecom Workers Association should pay 4.4 million Br to Adisse Borre et al. for the expenses they incurred to proceed with litigation they had with their former employer, the then Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC).

The former employees argued that they could not get two-thirds of their salary and funds for the litigation period and cost of litigation.

The employees had been in a court battle with Ethio telecom after the latter’s structural changes they undertook eight years ago, which was won by the employer in December 2012.

ETC was re-established by a regulation of the Council of Ministers (CoM) as Ethio telecom in 2010 with an authorised capital of 40 billion Br. These 95 employees were among 3,000 that were retrenched from the workforce then.


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