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Ethiopia's Sovereign Right of Access to the Sea under International Law

the legal aspect of ethiopian-somali dispute

Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Nile: The Economics of International Water Law

ethiopia and eritrea: war or peace? - International Crisis Group

The Monist-Dualist Divide and the Supremacy Clause: Revisiting the Status of Human Rights Treaties in Ethiopia

For Whom the Little Bells Toll: Recent Judgments by International Tribunals on the Legality of Cluster Munitions

Civil Liability for Violations of International Humanitarian Law: The Jurisprudence of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission in the Hague

The Nile Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement the Beginning of the End of Egyptian Hydro-Political Hegemony

Counter-Intervention, Invitation, Both or Neither? An Appraisal of the 2006 Ethiopian Military Intervention in Somalia

Ethiopia's Armed Intervention in Somalia: The Legality of Self-Defense in Response to the Threat of Terrorism

Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict: Self Determination of Peoples or 'International Community' Interests?

Governance and Development of Eritrea and its Regional Context

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Africa: Progress After 5 Years

The Jus Ad Bellum and the 1998 Initiation of the Eritrean-Ethiopian War

Greater Ethiopia: Evolution of a Pluralist Politico-Legal System in a Pluralist Polity

Displacement of Civilians During Armed Conflict in the Light of the Case Law of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission

Unravelling Cooperation: The Role and Limits of Cooperation in the Governance of International Watercourses in Customary International Law

Too Rough a Justice: The Ethiopia-Eritrea Claims Commission and International Civil Liability for Claims for Rape Under International Humanitarian Law

Self-Defence, Intervention by Invitaion, or Proxy War? The Legality of the 2006 Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia

Crossed Wires: Issues of Sovereignty, Community and Civilisation During Ethiopia's Accession to the League of Nations’

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Ethiopia's Succession in Hydro-Legal Prominence: A Script in Legal History of Diplomatic Confront (1957-2013)

Empire Des Nègres Blancs: The Hybridity of International Personality and the Abyssinia Crisis of 1935-36

Compensation for War Damages Under Jus Ad Bellum

Remodeling Sovereignty: Overtures of a New Water Security Paradigm in the Nile Basin Legal Discourse

The Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty on the Nile and the Tana Dam Concessions: A Script in Legal History of Ethiopia's Diplomatic Confront (1900-1956)

Slavery and the League of Nations: Ethiopia as a Civilised Nation

A Critical Assessment of the Legal Principles Underlying the Nile River Basin Cooperative Framework Agreement

The Eritrea/Ethiopia Claims Commission Oversteps its Boundaries: A Partial Award?

Towards a Permanent International Claims Commission for Victims of Violations of International Humanitarian Law


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