Ethiopian Micro-Finance Business laws


Proclamation No. 1164/2019 Microfinance Business (Amendment) Proclamation

Microfinance Business Proclamation no. 626

Directives on Micro-finance Busines

Minimum Paid up Capital and Information Required from Applicants
Contribution in Kind
Criteria for Selection of Officer
Condition to be Met prior to Commencement of Operation
Loan policy ,Limit period and Provisions
Investment in Equities of Allied Activities
Opening of Branch Offices
Financial Records and Information
Amendment of Interest Rate
Amendment of Interest Rate
Penalty for failure to Comply with  the Requirements of proclamation No. 40/1996 and Directives of the National Bank of Ethiopia2
Minimum Liquidity Requirement
Minimum Capital Ratio to be Maintained by Micro-Finance Institutions
Limits on Loan, Repayment period and Provisioning Requirement

Interest Rates Applicable to Micro-financing Institutions