Ethiopian Custom Duty laws

proclamation no. 859 custom proclamation

Customs Proclamation No.622-2009 

Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority Establishment Proclamation NO.587-2008

Revised Export Trade Duty Incentive scheme establishment proclamation No 543-2007


Customs Tariffs Amendment Regulation - No. 89-2003

The Revised Regulation on the Importation of Goods on Franco-Valuta basis - Reg No. 88-2003

Regulations for Empoyees Administration - No. 155-2000 


Adminstrative Decision Amharic
Inspection of goods Amharic
Transit Goods Amharic
Rules of origin Amharic
Substitute goods Amharic
Declaration Presentation Amharic
Guarantee on goods Amharic

Postal Parcel Amharic
Transit Goods Amendement Amharic
Customes warehouse Amharic
Priority Service Manual Amharic
Adminstrative decision on customs related crime Amharic
Claim enquiry team establishment Amharic
Disposal of illegal Goods
Customs clearing agents
Simplified Customs Procedure to AEO
Directive that bans importing Household goods free of dut