Draft Commercial Code (Amharic)

Federal Courts Draft Proclamation (Ethiopia)

Minutes of Constitution Drafting Commission

The Legal Quagmire of Postponing or Modifying Elections (IFES article)

Excise Tax Proclamation

Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism Crimes Proclamation

Hate Speech and Disinformation Prevention and Suppression Proclamation

Investment Proclamation

Administrative Procedure Proclamation (Ethiopia)

COVID-19 Workplace Response Protocol (Ministry of Labor) Ethiopia

State of Emergency COVID-19 Detailed Regulation

Proclamation of State of Emergency Due to Covid-19

New Directive on Payment System (Mobile Banking)

189201 Family Law/ Adoption/ International Adoption (Cassation Decision on International Adoption)

Federal Civil Service Salary Scale (New scale)

Political Program of Ezema

Draft Excise Proclamation (Ethiopia)

Draft State Enterprises Proclamation (Ethiopia)

Volume 23 (Cassation Decisions )

Prosperity Party Program

Tools for Political Parties

Old Ethiopian Newspapers (Berhanena Selam)

Proclamation No. 3/1991 for Peaceful Demonstration and Political Meeting

The New Labor Proclamation

Electronic Transport Service Directive  (Ride controversy)

Fire Arms Administration and Control Draft Proclamation

Draft Land Expropriation Law 

Commercial Cases Bench Book (New)

Latest Decisions on Constitutional Interpretation (New)

Election Draft Proclamation

Draft Custom Amendment Proclamation

Draft Media Law

Communication Services Draft proclamation

Draft Advocates Proclamation

Proclamation no. 1110 Refugees Proclamation  (New)

Model by law for civil society organizations (based on new law) (New)

Proclamation no. 1113 Organization of civil societies proclamation (New)

Articles on Ethiopian Federalism 140 articles, papers, researches (New and hot)

Regional Constitutions

Rural Land Laws

Federal Government Organs Chart

Legal Codes

Consolidated Laws

Attorney General Office (external Link)

Tariff Books

Custom Guide (Ethiopia)

Document Authentication and Registration

Cassation (volumes)


Training Materials

Teaching materials

Law Journals